2005 AAU 12:Under National Baseball Championship Games
                Teams and Pool ID of Each Game Played

     Team Name                              Games Team Played
 ============================        ===========================================
 Apopka Black Sox                      A101  A107  A113  A119  A125  A131  B104  B106  B110
 Baltimore Buzz                        A106  A112  A118  A124  A130  A136  B102  B107  B112
 East Cobb Astros                      A102  A108  A114  A120  A126  A132  B101  B107  B111
 East Cobb Rebels                      A105  A111  A117  A123  A129  A135  C102
 Fort Dodge White Sox                  A103  A109  A115  A121  A127  A133  B101  B105  B110
 Manasota Meteors Black                A106  A111  A116  A121  A126  A131  B102  B105  B109
 Manassas Mutiny                       A105  A110  A115  A120  A125  A136  C101  C103
 Pasadena Chargers                     A103  A108  A113  A124  A129  A134  C101
 Scorpions                             A102  A107  A118  A123  A128  A133  B103  B108  B111
 South Des Moines Hitmen               A101  A112  A117  A122  A127  A132  B103  B106  B109
 South Shore Seadogs                   A104  A109  A114  A119  A130  A135  B104  B108  B112
 West Des Moines Heat                  A104  A110  A116  A122  A128  A134  C102  C103